Burnt Sienna


Our line of Precision Nail Lacquer has been formulated with the highest quality ingredients, yet without the harmful by products such as Toluene.

    • Color: Bright Brown
    • Finish: Creme
    • Bottle Size: 16 ML., .55 FL OZ. (Average Bottle Size .50 oz.)
  • Best Used With: Précision’s Strengthening Base Coat & Quick Dry Top Coat for durability, ultimate shine and smoothness.

Elegant. Fabulous. Smitten. Seductive. Just a few words that have been described about our Précision Nail Lacquers. The Classic Lacquer Collection comes in 80 harmonious classic colors. Our nail polishes have been formulated with the highest quality ingredients to provide you with long-lasting coverage, durability and shine.

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