Add a simply irresistible sparkle to your clients’ nails. Just in time for the holidays, Eco has unveiled a new “Alluring” glitter soak off UV nail color collection. This new 8-piece collection can be worn alone as full coverage sparkle or applied thinly as effects over any soak off gel color of your choice. This one kit can make hundreds of new original shades the possibilities are endless! The UV-cured nail color is a great alternative to polish that last weeks longer than traditional polish. The UV nail color cures instantly, so no extended time to dry each layer of polish. Just prep, brush on the color of choice and cure!.
Contains 1 ea. 1/4oz. in Surprise Glitter, Vamp Glitter, Hi-Fi Glitter, Sweetie Glitter, Galaxy Glitter, 24Karat Glitter, Midnight Glitter, and Vegas Glitter!

- Cost effective

- Soaks off in 5 Minutes

- Dries instantly in a UV light

- Never yellows or chips

- Wears tough, comes off easy!