Make your hair dazzle with Cala hair crystals.

1 - Cut the desired number of jewels from the sheet.
2 - Peel the jewels off the white backing, leaving the jewels attached to the transparent film.
3 - Place the jewels directly onto the hair where you wish to apply while keeping the transparent film attached.
4 - Using a hot hair iron, press the jewels onto the hair, holding for 3-5 seconds. DO NOT APPLY HEAT ON YOUR HAIR FOR MORE THAN 10 SECONDS.
5 - Allow hair to cool and remove the transparent film.

1 - Hair jewels will detach after 3-10 days with regular shampooing.
2 - For quick removal, rub the jewels between your fingers using a small amount of alcohol-based solvent.
3 - The glue will dissove and the jewels will detach.

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