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Gel Remover

Easy 3-Steps Remover with new improved  Gel Polish Remover to remove your gel polish

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Miracle Gel Removal

Use nail polish remover to wipe away any residue on the nail.2 Step Gel-like System, No UV Light Needed, Up to 8 Day of colour & shine.

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Brush on Builder Gel 2.5 oz

Cuccio Pro Brush on Builder is a convenient brush on technique for filling, building and shaping the natural nail.

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4-Step Pedicure


This system includes 4 one gallon jars of Milk and Honey Soak, Sea Salt Scrub, Cooling Masque and Massage Crème for the ultimate pedicure spa experience.

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White sanding block


  • Removes surface scratches
  • Finest quality abrasive
  • Perfect high gloss finish

Is the perfect product for removing surface scratches.  This block is created with the finest quality abrasive to ensure efficient and effective use.

Flawless nails are guaranteed with this flexible and easy to use file. The abrasive is carefully coated directly to the foam, to ensure the sanding block is of the highest quality.

For a perfectly smooth surface finish after filing enhancements, the Star Nails® sanding block is a salon essential.

For a perfect high gloss finish

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Uv Soak Off Gel (Clear) 1oz


Eco Soak Off UV Gel Clear Semi-Permanent UV Nail Polish. The fastest soak off UV gel in the industry! 3 minutes to cure, 5 minutes to soak off. Strengthens natural nails, never separates at the free edge, never lifts, no rubbery finish, fills & smooth’s uneven ridges, dries instantly with UV light. Clear never yellows.

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New Sterilizer With Tray


The  Star Nail Sterilizing Tray is the perfect size to leave on individual stations or desks. This easy to clean tray allows for complete submersion of nail tool implements.
  • Allows complete submersion of implements
  • Easy access to implement
  • Tray inside lifts out
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Prismatic Glitter Acrylic Pink powder 2oz


Prismatic glitter powder adds a touch of elegance to your acrylic services!  Can be used with Ultimate Lyte Odorless of Flash Silica.

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